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Class War is an anarchist group based in Aotearoa.
Anarchism means "without government", and our position is this: running our lives and our society is far too important a job to leave to dubious liars and glad-handing politicians, whose desire for wealth and power and total lack of morals is well known. We say, government is unnecessary and oppressive. No government ever benefits the civilians: look at New Zealand, for instance, and those who were deluded enough to vote for Helen Clark - Davis at the last election: what's the bet they didn't expect she would reward their slavish loyalty by dropping carcinogenic poison spray on their heads?

At the next election, DON'T VOTE!
Voting is just a choice between the frying pan and the fire.
All the flavours of parties on offer are undesireable: they all offer to merely administer capitalism in a "nicer" way. None offer a real alternative.

We say: ABOLISH MONEY! Let everything be free. There is enough food and products in the planet to adequately feed all. Yet, because millions have no money to buy such goodies, the rich daily dump food and drink into the sea. Starvation affects a quarter of the planet – totally unnecessary, and a by-product of capitalism. War is another side-effect of capitalism, bringing suffering, destruction, and misery to millions, all because of the capitalist system. This system is outdated, and unviable. For a happy and viable future, we propose anarchism: freedom from money, freedom from bosses, freedom from slavery and misery.


Police attack the workers, Chicago, 1886.  Art by Flavio Constantini.  Click to see a larger and clearer version.

Police attack workers, 4th May 1886
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a larger version.

The poster that drew crowds to the Haymarket, 4th May 1886.  Click here for a larger version.

Poster, 3rd May 1886
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a larger version.

    Anarchist Tea Party,
16th - 18th December 2005.
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For better impact at Mayday and other protests, learn our song: THE BLACK FLAG.

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Wrongly jailed for 26 YEARS!

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Updated: 1st November 2007.