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CLASS WAR Application to join

What is your name?

What is your e-mail address? Phone number?

What is your postal address?

What country are you based in? Living situation?

Have you given up eating meat, fish, & dairy products? Smoke or drink?

I am (occupation) I am (age) I am (sex)

Skills? Writing Mechanic Chemist Artist Musician
Editor Java programmer other

Political experience: My health is

What is your main mode of transport?

What is your understanding of Class War?

Read any of these authors? Tick those applicable Peter Kropotkin Albert Meltzer Michael Bakunin Karl Marx Raoul Vaneigem Anton Pannekoek Doctor Seuss Hans Ruesch Profane Existence Buenaventura Durruti Carol J. Adams Germaine Greer Philip K. Dick Kurt Vonnegut Crass Jello Biafra Dick Fish Andrea Dworkin Mohandas Gandhi Tony Cliff Mao Tse-tung Lindsey Perigo Abbie Hoffman Noam Chomsky Anton LaVey George Orwell Douglas Adams L. Ron Hubbard

Do you play sports?

Have you already met any anarchists? How did you hear about Class War?

Do you think Class War should collaborate with other "left" groups?

Would you like to be advised of forthcoming Class War campaigns?

Would you like to actively participate in Class War's on-going actions?

Your view on other parties & political groups?

Please report your opinion on our website?

Any other information you need about Anarchism?


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