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CLASS WAR Products.

Here are some of our publications, and some of our stickers and stamps.  To view any image, click on it and a larger picture will appear. To see price details for any item, hold your mouse over it. Send your order (accompanied by a cheque made payable to "LSCTC" or cash) to Class War,
P.O. Box 78-104,

Grey Lynn,
New Zealand 1245.

Please add a donation for return postage.



Brief accounts of the lives
of three great anarchists:
Nestor Makhno,
B. Durrutti, and
Emiliano Zapata.

Light card cover,

Click to see a larger picture. >         HOW TO READ DONALD DUCK.
- imperialst ideology in the
Disney comix.  Also includes a 
good section on refining 
San Pedro cactus 
to pure levels.
A5, $3.00.
Click to see a larger picture.

Anarchist stamp #1.
Click to see a minisheet of 12.
NO LONGER AVAILABLE.      Anarchist stamp #2.
Without gum.
=20 cents each.


Anarchy stamp #2,
packet of 12, without gum.

Self-adhesive vinyl sticker
(suitable for outdoor conditions.)
50 cents.

Anarchism: Arguments For and Against,
by Albert Meltzer.
Paperback book,



            Free Leonard Peltier!    Anarchist Tea Party,
16th - 18th Dec, 2005.
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