Tea Party.

Some call it a Mad Tea Party.
We call it the Anarchist Conference.

Some call it a Mad Tea Party.
We call it the 2005 Anarchist Symposium.
Visit Wanganui on December 16th – 18th, 2005.


The Anarchist Tea Party, a gathering of anarchists from around the country, will be happening near Wanganui
on the 16th – 18th of December, 2005.

We are gathering to re-energise, communicate, build bridges,
de-stress, remember and make history.

There'll be six 'core' workshops:
Organising an Anarchist Society,
Women in the Anarchist Movement,
Tino Rangatiratanga,
Where we are Going.

Other workshops will be held according to the "laws" of supply and demand.

The tea party will be a camping experience so please come prepared with a tent and sleeping bag. You can make life as comfortable as you wish! Clothing? Well it may be really hot or it may rain all weekend. Best to bring a torch and some earplugs if you’re a light sleeper. There is a shower if needed and also a fire bath. All cooking and eating gear is sorted for you. Fresh spring water will be available for sensitive stomachs. Please advise us early if you have weird dietary requirements. We’ll cater for vegans and gluten free anarchists. But if it all goes to the pack, no worries, we have plenty of
space in the shed and spare bedding etc. Children are welcome, please let us know of any childcare requirements. Cost is $30 for the weekend.


We’ll meet you in town at the Red Eye Cafe in Guyton Street, Wanganui, and take you to the site. Contact us at: to let us know when you are arriving and we’ll meet you, or just turn up at the following times:
Thursday 15th – 5pm and 9pm;
Friday 16th – 10am, 1pm, 9pm.

Contact us at:  

rain and swimwear, tent or tarp, bedroll, sleeping bag, cup, cutlery, native seedlings, musical instruments, candles, torch, games, and recipes and zine submissions for publication.

Rubbish: please pack out what you pack in.

Other possible workshops:

Discussion on violence and non-violence
Structural analysis theory
Current situation in New Orleans
Rongoa and wild food
Communal living worldwide
Self defence
Non-violent direct actions
Stategies for emplacing anarchism
Using the capitalist media
Using film media
Vehicle mechanics
Climate change activities
Scotland’s anti-G8 eco-village

• Don’t come just to party;
• Respect the need for others
(including the
to sleep. There’ll be an expectation that the noisy quieten down after a particular time;
• Be considerate of our environment;
• Think safe – especially near the river;
• Light no fires;
• Always wash your hands and avoid the cooking area if unwell;
• Contribute to the gathering in some way –
volunteers will be called for to carry out the necessary tasks;
• Sexist or violent behaviour isn’t acceptable in this space.

Anarchism? Uhhh… what??

An anarchist society is a society based on a network of communities formed by voluntary agreements based on cooperation and respect for the freedom of others. That might not sound like ‘anarchy’ as the word is often used – meaning disorder and chaos. Obviously, we don’t want chaos or violence. We don’t think people are perfect, we do think they’re basically decent and can work together to run their own society and we
certainly don’t see that putting some people in power to keep other people in line makes any sense, as those in power are the ones who do the most damage.

Contact us at:  


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