Chaos band 
and black bloc march Jolly Roger Hot anarchist artist @ WEF protest

CLASS WAR Current Campaigns.

Death will strike all Aucklanders if they drink radioactive water from the Waikato River.                     Class War's first stamp (2001).       The second Class War stamp (2002).
Click this stamp to visit Anarchist frequently-asked-questions.

Stop the War

No Pipeline

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

Save humans from Mad Cow Disease

Animal liberation

The Great Deception: the War on Terrorism, an alternative view

Free Leonard Peltier!
Unjustly jailed for 26 YEARS!

Click here for details.    Kiwi Anarchist Conference, Christchurch, Labour Weekend, 20-21 Oct 2001.  Click this button to see the website.     Boycott Mobil!     Sign the secular declaration!

Learn our fave song: THE BLACK FLAG.


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