Might as well burn a bank.

The Haymarket Massacre.

Kiwi Anarchist Conference, Christchurch, Labour Weekend, 20-21 Oct 2001.  Click this button to see the website.

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The poster that drew thousands for a rally in Chicago, May 1886.  Click to see a bigger version.

CIA - Mafia + Europacific = Laundrobank

Free Leonard Peltier!
Unjustly jailed for 26 YEARS!

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(Tune: O Tannenbaum)

The people's flag is deepest black,
The red one's for the bureaucrats.
The "workers' state" is just a way
To let the revolution fade away.

So raise our blackest banners high,
The people live, only leaders die.
The working class will smash the state,
We'll shoot the vanguard while we wait.

Let's smash Amerikan imperialism,
Let's fight all ghosts and monsters too.
Leftist leaders would rather see
A good slogan than a real victory.


Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Trotsky still
Forgive us if we're feeling ill.
The working class won't kiss your arse,
The "workers' state" is just a farce.


People's army, people's war,
People's police, and people's laws.
You'll protect the "workers' state"
Till workers cease to agitate.


Who are the people you talk about?
Power to yourself, we have no doubt.
You just ride on the workers' gains,
But we want more than a change of chains.


Composed by Andrew Stein.

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