Chaos band 
and black bloc march Jolly Roger Hot anarchist artist @ WEF protest

CLASS WAR Links to cool sites we recommend. . .

Boycott Mobil!

Visit the Sea Shepherd website.

Revolting Punk Ninjas, in Aotearoa.

Click here to visit Minorities of the planet Earth.

One of a series of posters: click to view the website showing the others.

The ANARCHIST BLACK CROSS fights for anarchist prisoners.  Please support it! 

Click here for interviews with CRASS and more good stuff.

Click here for lots of awesome data on CRASS.

Visit the International Centre for Research on Anarchism,
an awesome anarchist library and
resource centre, in Switzerland.

Erik has a mohawk and VEGAN tattooed on his chest.

Get your own anarchist email at ANARCHIST.COM

Anarchist Federation, U.K.

Civil Disobedience in cyberspace

Anarchist FAQ – Frequently-asked questions

Anarchist publisher in France   Click here to translate!

Zapatistas in Mexico (Spanish) Click here to translate!

Anarchy NZ e-group (anarchist discussion & debate online.)

Anti-McDeath Campaign Fight the dodgy McDonalds!

McDeaths Workers Resistance

Anarchist humour

Bureau of Public Secrets Situationist site

Thr@ll - kiwi anarchist zine

The Freedom Shop - anarchist bookshop in Wellington

Rats - anarchist punk band in Belgium

The State Adversary - kiwi anarchist zine

CIRA International Centre for Research on Anarchism, in Lausanne, Switzerland: an awesome anarchist library! If you do a zine, CD, or book, please send them a copy.

Class War in UK

Vegan Communists

Punk Vegans

Free Leonard Peltier

Sept 11 "Patriotism" denounced by CBS News person

Earth First!

Guy Debord's films

Earth Liberation Front

Anti-Authoritarian Frontline

Fuck the Jubilee Movement Against the Monarchy

Black Flag - Anarchist magazine from London

The Great Deception: the War on Terrorism, an alternative view

Click this photo
to visit the
Milk Bar Cowboys.    Sign the secular declaration!     Anarchist Round Table,
 in Christchurch.   

Fishing is barbaric and cruel.
Click here for more information.     Anarchist FAQ

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