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We'd like to announce the creation of the Anarchist Non-Monogamy group! This group was recently created by a non-monogamist anarchist couple desiring to create a forum where all self-identified anarchists believing in any form of non-monogamy or polyamory can get together and share ideas, concerns and feelings relating to these two topics. We encourage most kinds of associated dialogue, such as –

– relationship concerns

– feelings or problems regarding one's personal anarchism or non-monogamy

– theoretical connections between non-monogamy and anarchy/anarchism

– ideas on how to talk with anarchists about non-monogamy or with poly people about anarchy

We want to make this a safe place for open and honest communication (necessary for non-monogamy, and, for us, anarchy), particularly since we all have extraordinarily radical ideas in comparison to the
culture around us. We want this to be a safe space in the wilds of this crazy world.

Sectarianism, dogmatism, in-fighting and bickering between different anarchist factions will not be tolerated here. Likewise, all the different forms of non-monogamy are welcome on this group as well. Further, since we know that anarchist beliefs cover a wide spectrum,
we would like to keep out political argument/shouting matches, including accusations like, "But you're not a *real* anarchist." That has no place here. We feel that such behavior disrupts the possibility of trust, respect, and community.

As we said, those who believe in monogamy OR who do not consider themselves anarchist are not welcomed – we will delete them. This list is not a place to debate whether non-monogamy or anarchism are good ideas, instead, we require that members already believe in both anarchy/anarchism and non-monogamy. Likewise, we will not tolerate members who engage in:

– flaming, trolling, slandering or personally insulting other list members

– racist, sexist, ableist, lookist or homophobic comments (In saying this, we do not want to discourage those who see these feelings in themselves and want to overcome them from using this as a forum for discussing those issues.)

– spamming the list with commercial advertisements

– sending personal ads/classifieds to the list. This list is NOT a dating service

To find more information about the group, please go to:

To subscribe to the list, just send a blank e-mail to:

If you are into the idea of this list, please, spread the word about this list to other anarchist and non-monogamous people!

Having said all that, we hope that everyone has a fun, enlightening, and liberatory discussion here!

About the founders:


I have been an anarchist since May 2001, during which period "smash the state" has been a continuously running mantra in my head. I consider that I've been non-monogamous since November 2002. Right now
that's the focus of my anarchism – I really feel that I've begun to live anarchy as a result of this change in my perspective. I've read the book "The Ethical Slut" and I think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread – and kind of consider it my bible. I used to be an English major, and I still enjoy literature (of course) and am also a bit of an internet junkie. Wilhelm and I recently started studying Nonviolent Communication, and I'm really excited about it. I think it's a great tool for non-monogamist practice, and for the rest of day-to-day life as well. I'm excited to see what kind of discussion
unfolds here!


I have been an anarchist for about seven years and have read thoroughly on the subject. During most of this time I have considered the areas of psychology and interpersonal relations to be a very important area for anarchists to focus on. However most of that was
just lip service; I usually never really gave it much thought or attention. Since being with Diane I have really fleshed out my understanding of what anarchist psychology and interpersonal relations is all about and have begun looking into things like emotional intelligence, radical honesty, nonviolent communication,
autonomy respecting relationships and now, of course, non-monogamy. I now consider a uniquely anarchist interpersonal relations to be absolutely essential and of primary importance for anarchy.


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