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No Poison Water wanted!

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Police attack the workers, Chicago, 1886.  Art by Flavio Constantini.  Click to see a larger and clearer version.

Police attack workers, 4th May 1886
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Anarchism will never offer polluted water to anyone
(though Kropotkin knows that Shitty Vision and other politicians deserve it.)></p>
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The creepy daleks who mismanage Watercare want to pump toxic water from the polluted Waikato River into Auckland's water supply.

This anti-pipeline stamp was published by Class War.

Click this stamp to view a full sheet.

They have begun building a pipeline, and the planned intake is just downstream from where the multinational murderer Shell wants to build a toxic waste dump, very close to the river!

A far more serious concern is the big paper mill upstream at Kinleith. They dump cyanide and many other poisons into the river!

We don't need ANY poisons in our water supply!


The campaign to stop the pipeline:

So far, the campaign consists of stamps and posters.
Self-adhesive stickers will be added soon.

Stamps: These are printed in sheetlets of one dozen stamps. Like a few sheets? Send a donation along with a stamp to Class War, and request some. Please note: the stamps are supplied ungummed. Please add your own glue to attach to letters.

Class War,
P. O. Box 78-104,
Grey Lynn, Auckland.
, e-mail us

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