Those who don’t support the war within the nation are called “unpatriotic,” scorned by a majority which has been duped into supporting a war fought for big business.

    Capitalism has had a more obvious affect on our society. In theory the capitalistic system of Adam Smith is supposed to create a society in which hard work is rewarded and all may become successful; in short, a democracy where everyone has equal chances and all can rise to the top if they work hard enough. Time, however, has proven that democracy and capitalism are not compatible. Capitalism quickly created an upper class, a middle class, and the poverty-stricken lower class. The upper class moved to suburbs and rural areas, relaxing and “living the good life,” while the lower class has become permanently stuck in urban areas, lacking the opportunity and education to escape from the squalor in which they live. While the poverty-stricken inner-city dwellers may work a great deal harder than the wealthy upper class, they surely do not rise to the top. In short, capitalism has created a social system in which the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. It created a permanent lower class, which has little hope of escaping from their surroundings.

Kiwi Anarchist Conference, Christchurch, Labour Weekend, 20-21 Oct 2001.  Click this button to see the website.     Sign the secular declaration!             Anarchism is freedom!  Help free Leonard Peltier!
Innocent activist imprisoned for 26 years! 
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