Guy Debord's films

After being withheld from circulation for 17 years, all six of Guy
Debord's films were screened at the 2001 Venice Film Festival and it was
announced that they would all be made generally available again in spring 2002.
The opening is now scheduled for April 9-11 in Paris.

Ken Knabb has been asked by Alice Debord to make a new English
translation of Debord's complete filmscripts. This translation will be used for
subtitling, and will also be published in book form. If all goes well it
is likely that subtitled versions of all the films will be available within
the next year or so.

Meanwhile, you can find out more about Debord's films at:
(soundtracks of two of the shorter films)
(on his film adaptation of his book "The Society of the Spectacle")
(filmography and latest news)

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